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Wedding Videography

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What we provide:

  • Affordable packages

  • Consultation session

  • Fast turnaround time

  • Professional videographers

  • All day coverage

  • Highlight reel

  • Full ceremony videos

  • Disc of videos for sharing


Remembering your wedding day, the sights and the sounds, becomes harder as the years go by. Even if you have photographs to look at, you might forget how your Maid of Honor’s voice sounds during her speech, or the cute giggle your flower girl gives as you kiss during the ceremony. The clap of your audience, the laughter of friends, clinking of glasses is all forgotten. Even simple moments like the intimacy between the two of you, seeing how you move together and the sound of the wind blowing leaves around you is something that will rush memories back to you when you relive it through professional videography.

Photographs can’t capture the motion and sound that video does, and you will be able to remember exactly what was seen, heard and said when you have a videography package from All Circles Entertainment. We don’t just capture the day on video - our videographers know exactly where to be for every moment that matters most, capturing your day in documentary style that will bring tears to your eyes every single time you watch it. Hire us and see just what it means to view such a raw, emotional moment on film for years to come after your big day is long gone.



  • Consultation meeting to discuss your wedding and your vision

  • Online planning tools to ensure your day goes exactly as planned

  • 1 videographer the entire day

  • All day coverage of your wedding from getting ready to the end of the reception

  • 1 song highlight video with vows

  • A copy of RAW video (dances, speeches, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss)

  • Complete archival rights to all of your videos


  • Consultation meeting to discuss your wedding and your vision

  • Online planning tools to ensure your day goes exactly as planned

  • 2 videographers the entire day

  • All day coverage of your wedding from getting ready to the end of the reception

  • 2 song highlight video with vows and ceremony

  • Aerial drone footage

  • A copy of of RAW video (dances, speeches, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss)

  • GoPro bottle service

  • Complete archival rights to all of your videos


Videography FAQ's

It’s not a common thing to hire a videographer, so we understand that you may not have much insight into what to expect. This list of questions will help to answer almost anything you can think of before you book us for your event!

Why is it important to hire a videographer?

Capture more than an image - capture movement and sound

Photography is equally important to your big day - but it only captures a moment in time. Videography captures the sound and movement of your day, letting you relive it in real time. With a wedding video, you can watch intimate moments such as your first kiss or the cutting of the cake, see how the flowers flew through the air or your guests laughed, and relive the day from a different perspective as well as see moments you may have missed while focusing on something else. As beautiful as your wedding or event photographs will be, they cannot capture the emotional sound and motion that a videographer will do. This is a must have for your event.

Emotion of the Day

A videographer, like a photographer, doesn’t just capture and hand over raw footage - we process your video clips into a sequence that will give you an emotional, timeless video that tells your story from start to finish. You’ll laugh, cry, and have the closest thing emotionally to reliving your day over and over again.

Everything you missed on your own day

You can’t be in ten places at once, or even two - there are moments you will miss, such as your spouse getting ready, the moments before you walk down the aisle, and the reactions of guests as you focus on your new spouse. Many moments captured are ones you will have missed and it will be a sight to see when you get to experience those for the first time watching your wedding video.

Sharing with your entire family

You may have had relatives or friends who couldn’t make it - or just want to share the day with everyone who wasn’t there, but your wedding video is a great way for you to share the moment with everyone like they were sitting in the front row. Every event you may have can be shared with anyone from friends to coworkers to industry colleagues when you book a videographer for your event.

Relive it - again and again

Your special day is always commemorated and remembered not just by photos, but by the sights and sounds - the way the wind blew, the sound of your spouses’s voice as it cracks through vows, the giggle of your flower girl. There are moments that photos will never capture, and you can relive them again and again through a videography package.

How far ahead should we consider booking our videographer?

Ideally, you should consider booking your videographer 3-6 months in advance for your event. Although many times we do have dates available weeks or even days before an event, sometimes prime event days like holidays and weekends book up fast, so it’s important to book ahead of time. On top of this, booking sooner ensures you have enough time to get to know your videographer, get all of your information like your timeline and desired shots, and takes a lot of stress off your planning.

Do I get multiple videographers? Do they have an assistant?

Depending on the package you choose, you may opt for one or two videographers. The deluxe packages allow you to have video of multiple timelines happening at once, such as the bride and groom getting ready separately, or someone capturing details in an empty reception room while your guests are captured arriving on site. In general, our videographers complete set up, work, and take down by themselves with no assistance required.

Do I need to sign a contract or other paperwork?

Yes. There will be a contract you sign to protect you and your investment as well as All Circles Entertainment. Everything is legally binding and easy to understand, and your contract is all handled digitally so you can sign on your phone or computer and always have a copy on hand for your records.

Is there a anything required to book with you?

There are only two things required to book with us - a signature on your contract, and 20% of your total event fee due at the time of signing. You are not officially booked until these two things are completed, so make sure you do them both to reserve your date! Your retainer is refundable up to 20 days before your event - in the last 20 days cancellations forfeit the retainer. This will all be laid out in your contract for you.

How do I pay you once I book?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, cash, checks and PayPal. If you need to use another form of payment, please feel free to let us know and we will discuss what options are available.

What if I need a payment plan?

We understand that all financial situations are unique, and you may not be on a typical schedule. Let us know what kind of schedule is easier for you, and we will draw up a payment contract that allows you to flexibly pay for your event. Complete and final payment will be due the week before your event.

What kind of protection do you offer for our event?

In addition to liability insurance, we have backup equipment and videographers in the event that something happens before your event. We won’t let you down!

What is a highlight video?How long is this video?

While you will be getting video from your entire day start to finish, the highlight video is like the preview for a movie - it gives you snippets from your entire day so you can see pieces from start to finish and get an emotional preview of your event or wedding! Our highlight videos are typically 5-7 minutes long.

Do we have to worry about the videographer getting in the way of the photographer? What about other guests?

At absolutely no time will our videographers interrupt or cause an issue with any moment in your event. We work side by side with any photographers or planners you have for your event to ensure everything we capture is quick, discreet, and clean.

How many hours are you there for?

All packages include our arrival at the beginning of your event to the end - for weddings, this means from the start of “getting ready” to the very end of your reception!

Are there travel fees for events outside your area?

Yes. Any event that takes place 2-5 hours away from Kent, Ohio, will incur a $50 travel charge. If your event is 6+ hours away, we will draw up a custom contract for you outlining all of our travel fees, as we know each situation is unique. Any travel that is 8+ hours away will include fees for hotel accommodations. Feel free to also talk to us about destination videography services, we love to fly!

What’s the timeline for receiving our final product?

Your videos will be edited, completed, and sent to you within an industry standard 6-10 weeks after your event date. You will get your highlight video 2-4 weeks after your event date as well. We pride ourselves on this turnaround!